LLR Policy for Breast Implant Removal/ Reinsertion

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Threshold Criteria


LLR ICB will fund the REMOVAL of breast implants for any of the following indications in patients who have undergone cosmetic augmentation mammoplasty that was performed either in the NHS or privately:

– Breast disease
– Implants complicated by recurrent infections
– Implants with capsule formation that is associated with severe pain
– Implants with capsule formation that interferes with mammography
– Intra or extra capsular rupture of silicone gel-filled implants

LLR ICB will fund insertion of replacement implants in the following circumstance

For women whose breast implants are removed in strict compliance with the criteria above AND whose original surgery was funded by the NHS

LLR ICB will NOT ROUTINELY FUND the insertion of replacement implants where the original surgery was funded privately.

LLR ICB will NOT ROUTINELY FUND or part fund procedures undertaken in the private sector, irrespective of whether part of that procedure involves removal of a breast implant
This procedure requires PRIOR APPROVAL – refer to “The Commissioner – Cosmetic Procedures/Plastic Surgery CAS” on ERS.  And send to the Cosmetic Surgery Request Officer – lcr.ifr@nhs.net
•            Details of Condition
•            Responsibility for implant operation
•            Smoking Status
Referrals for the removal of breast implants where a patient shows any of the above indications but does not meet the criteria for replacement, should be made directly to the Plastic Surgery Department and include:
•            Patient’s relevant medical history
•            Which indication the referral is made under
ARP 12 Review Date: 2027

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