Children and young people's health

On this page you will find specific information related to children and young people’s health and local services specifically for them.  You may also find it useful to Get in the Know about local services that can be used by everyone.

Strep A advice

Watch our videos below for expert advice from local clinicians on how to recognise the symptoms of Strep A and know what to do if your child is unwell.


Strep A advice from local Children’s Emergency Medicine Consultant Damian Rowland (in English). Find out how to recognise the symptoms and know what to do if your child is unwell.

Information for parents and carers

Group A Strep

Everything you need to know about Strep A, including signs to look out for and what to do.

Health for Kids

The grown-ups' guide to health for kids.

Parents' stay well guide

All the information you need to get the right care for the most common health worries for children aged 0-9.

Winter tips for under 5s

Five ways to protect your under 5s this winter.
Image shows a GP practice nurse, carrying a tablet computer. Alongside this text reads: Everything you need in one place to help you find a local health service. Get in the know, when you need it or in advance, and get the right care as quickly as possible. Image also contains the Get in the Know logo and

Get in the know about local health services

Local health service information for people of all ages.

Information for children and young people

Health for Kids

Local website just for children who want to learn about being healthy.

Health for Teens

Information about health and local health services for teens only!
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