Urgent Care Services

In Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland there are several urgent care services for when you need to be seen quickly, but it isn’t life threatening. These services have names such as urgent care centres, urgent treatment centres, healthcare hubs and minor injury units. These are shown on the map below.

In most cases, you will need an appointment to be able to use them. In the first instance, contact NHS 111 (online or by phone). If you need to be seen they will arrange an appointment for you at the right place for your particular health problem, as quickly as possible, which could be at one of these services.  

You can use Loughborough Urgent Care Centre without an appointment, but you are advised to use NHS 111 first to ensure it is the right place for you to go and to  keep your waiting time to a minimum.

If you think you might need an x-ray, there a two locations in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland you can use instead of Accident and Emergency, without an appointment. These are:

  • Loughborough Urgent Care Centre
  • Market Harborough Minor Injury Unit (Due to a limited waiting area, patients are advised to use NHS111 before travelling to avoid having to return later)


If you do not have an appointment, please check opening timings before travelling.

Click below to view a list of local urgent care services.

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