Your GP practice

A GP practice is a team of health professionals, led by doctors known as general practitioners (GPs), who oversee all aspects of your physical and mental health care, throughout your life. You should contact them for medical advice and treatment for conditions you can’t treat yourself or aren’t getting better. 

Through your GP practice you can receive a wide range of services, which may include:

  • Consultations and advice about your health
  • Prescriptions for medicines
  • Tests to help diagnose what is wrong with you
  • A referral to a specialist service
  • Monitoring and care for any long term health problems.
  • Screening, vaccinations and advice to help prevent health problems or diagnosing them as early as possible.


All GP practices work in very different ways nowadays to make sure everyone gets the care they need from a suitably qualified healthcare professional, as quickly as possible. It is worth getting to know how things work in your practice before you need them, so you can get help for your medical problem quickly.

Minor ailments

If you are normally in good health, you don’t need to be seen by your GP practice for many minor ailments. You may be able to look after yourself at home. Get in the know about treating minor ailments yourself.

Registering with a GP practice:

Discover how to find a local practice and what you need to do to register.

Using your GP practice:

How to contact your practice, book an appointment and what to expect at the appointment itself.

The practice team

Learn about who’s who in the practice team, both in the practice itself and how they work with others in the local community.

Online services

Read about how you can interact with your practice online to contact the practice, book an appointment and receive your appointment by video call.

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Top tips for using your GP practice

Practices can get very busy. Learn what you can do to get the care you need quickly.

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Get in the know (learn) about your GP practice and get the right care as quickly as possible.